In the local community there is far too much damage taking place and this is starting from an age as early as 2 years old! This should not be happening and IT CAN BE PREVENTED. Our aim is to Prevent cavities and other health issues. Prevention applies to all ages including adult patients.

We believe Prevention will work under the following circumstances:

  • Minimum 3 visits per year
  • Measurement of oral indices at these visits, to ascertain level of health, and to assess areas where improvement is needed.
  • Motivation to apply one’s new understanding into daily action
  • Maintenance – To develop the daily actions into long term good habits, and not to drop ones guard

Our Prevention Team and their roles:

B. Davidoff – Examinations, overall monitoring of progress of each patient
Chava Masteran – Examination, teaching prevention, fillings where necessary
Shmuly Davidoff – Teaching prevention, x-ray taking
Dorota Jakowiec  – Teaching prevention, x-ray taking
Hadassa Lisser – Administration
If fillings etc are needed, they will be detected at a very early stage, and will involve minimal size fillings.
These will be seen to, according to our policy of Minimal Intervention, by:

  • B. Davidoff  – Denplan and Private patients
  • C. Masteran – Independent patients. Independent of NHS system with prices of a similar nature. C. Masteran will also be available to see emergencies at short notice.

A glimpse at our program

To give you an idea of what our program actually entails, here are some items we will be looking at long term:

  • Colouring teeth to measure quantity and position of plaque
  • Providing personal scores and charting printouts
  • Prize incentives for children
  • Monitoring parent supervision of children
  • Diet analysis
  • Test of susceptibility
    • analysing bacteria in mouth
    • quantity and quality of saliva
  • Get to view your own plaque results
  • Educational videos and talks
  • Minimal Intervention filling techniques
  • Fissure sealing
  • Fluoride application
  • General Health Assessment

Fur further details please be in touch.

Further Information

For more information about our prevention programs you may view or download our Prevention Dental Unit Leaflet as a PDF.