Discover Denplan

This plan very much matches our philosophy – giving you an affordable and budgetable cost for your dental check-ups and treatments. We highly recommend you learning about its many benefits.

There are two main plans:

  • Denplan Care
  • Denplan Essential

Further clarification of these plans could be provided by Denplan or ourselves.

DENPLAN CARE mostly covers all Treatment plus Prevention plus Worldwide emergency and accident cover (see details) for a fixed cost per year.


Each person is banded into one of five bands according to quantity of past work visible in mouth.

A check up will be needed for this assessment.

Our current fees for these Bands are


Band A £204 / year     –           £17 /month

Band B £294 / year     –           £24.50 /month

Band C £360 / year     –           £30 /month

Band D £456.24 / year –         £38.02 /month

Band E £536.40 / year            –           £44.70 /month


Most children fall into Bands A or B and most adults, into Bands B or C.

DENPLAN ESSENTIALS cost £204 per year which includes Prevention and Insurance for emergencies and accident worldwide. But General Dentistry if needed would be provided at 20% discount.

A Message from Dr Davidoff:

My Current understanding of patients in our area is that NHS treatment is almost impossible to access and many people cannot afford to go Private. This is especially the case because most patients also need an excessive amount of general and specialist treatment, which makes an expensive total.

In the past, Cash Plans were much used, because they allowed families to access Private treatment in an economical way. Unfortunately these are no longer easy to join.

It seems to me therefore, that the best current solution would be an insurance called Denplan (or any other similar Capitation Scheme). These schemes, unlike Cash Plans which covered the whole family, only cover individuals. However the more members of a family that join, the greater the premium discounted.

The reason I like these Capitation schemes is that they basically cover all dental treatment needs, INCLUDING PREVENTION, for a fixed price per year. Patients would also be covered for emergencies world-wide, and there would also be accident cover.

To give an idea of costs, most children fall into Band A or B. i.e. £204.00 for Band A and £294.00 for Band B per year. Adults fall mostly into Band B or C which is £294 or £360 per year.

I believe this is good value for money, and most importantly gives us the much needed opportunity to provide PREVENTION.
Myself and the Prevention Team at our Practice is committed to put this into practice.
Please feel free to discuss above with any of our Dentists or Staff.

Yours sincerely

B. Davidoff.